No spring in my step: Why we should wake up and end Daylight Saving Time

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Well, here it is again. That dreaded, evil, despised time of year.

Daylight Saving Time.

Let’s get one thing straight: it’s Saving not Savings. If you never learn anything else from me, please remember that and USE IT CORRECTLY! (I’m sorry to be yelling so early in this post…that’s what this event does to me!)

Deep breath. OK, so as I was saying, I am not a fan of Daylight Saving Time. Why the vitriolic response, you ask? In short, I think it’s a ridiculous waste of time, makes some days way too long, and squeezes out the morning light I would otherwise enjoy!

Today the sun rose at 6:25 a.m. Tomorrow it will rise at 7:33 a.m. Just in time for kids to start back to school, we’re making them fight against the natural instinct to sleep when it’s dark. And how about trying to get a 5-year-old to go to bed in the middle of summer when it’s approaching 9 p.m. and you can still see the sun? Did Woodrow Wilson never have preschoolers? I think he just wanted something to talk about during the State of the Union.

Myself, I do get up when it’s dark anyway…but that doesn’t mean I want an extra hour of it! From now through Nov. 5, early risers everywhere are punished and denied their precious morning light because the government has apportioned every man’s daylight hours to be used after 5 p.m.

Also, this has nothing to do with the farmers. Did you know that? (Many farmers oppose it. Cows don’t care what the clock says when it’s time to be milked.) Proponents of Daylight Saving Time say that it helps retail businesses and that it conserves energy. However, studies disprove the energy argument, and, now that we have Walmart open 24 hours and people lining up Thanksgiving night to buy TVs (oh, and a little thing called Amazon)…I just don’t think retail establishments are relying as much on daylight anymore. (And if they are, they should really consider opening earlier. It can be tough on a morning person when you’re trying to get your to-do list done and nothing opens until 10.)

Daylight Saving Time, if ever effective, has outlived its worth and should be repealed. That’s the official position of (Just kidding. That’s just what I think about it.)

It’s never too late to end Daylight Saving Time!

What do you think? Do you love DST with a passion of a thousand extra hours of sun? Comment below and tell me why I’m wrong! 


  1. I agree, lets repeal this dinosaur and live a normal life, let employers and employees decide if they want to change their work hours. If CEOs and government bigwigs want to play golf in the evening, let them take off early but don’t punish the rest of us and our children!

  2. I think you are 100% right. I hate this changing time when you are doing good with the old time. The older I get the harder it is to adjust to. I live on a ranch which my son runs now. You get up early as usual and then you have to wait until you can almost see to start your morning. If you have a choice. Then you stay busy and the first thing you know it is 8:00 pm. You haven’t had your supper, your shower or anything. It is go home while you can still see and do the same thing all thru DST.
    It is hard on all of our School children. They are in this routine then all of a sudden the time changes, close to the end of school. Then before you know it you go back to school and still in this ridiculous time thing. Then you just get everything going for the new school year and Bang, you change the time again Sleep pattern changes, meals change and everything is just upside down.
    There are more heart attacks and other health problems.

    • Yes, I’ve read that traffic accidents are more frequent as well because of the low light in the mornings. There are so many reasons to do away with it. I admit, I do enjoy the extra sunlight in the evenings. But we would have more daylight anyway! It’s not worth the fuss. Thanks for your comment.