Holy Chalupas: Why Fuller House is better than you think

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I’m working my way through the first season of Fuller House for the second time, and let me just say…whoa baby.


Let’s all accept for a moment that this show really has no choice but to build upon the previous show that made it all possible. That aside—is it a good show? High quality? Funny?

I don’t know. It’s hard to say because I’m so biased. But I think that’s what makes it wonderful. It tugs at the heart strings of those who grew up watching the Tanners grow up.

I personally think the main actors are good. The three women have only gotten better, and I feel like, in general, child actors today are much more polished than child actors of the 80s. These kids just seem to know exactly what they’re doing! So that may appeal to viewers who don’t care about the nostalgic aspect. Someone on Facebook (I think) wrote that the children are like Disney actors, and I wholeheartedly agree.

We’re kid actors. Don’t mess with our comedic timing.

I also like the plot. The first episode was a feelgood throwback to Full House, which was fine and fun. But I’m glad to see more of a storyline develop. DJ and her love interests. Kimmy and Fernando. And I especially look forward to seeing what happens with Stephanie as she softens to being around kids and deals with her secret (revealed in episode five—I won’t spoil it for you).

I don’t miss Michelle. I mean I don’t hate her and it would be fun if she appeared, but I don’t feel a void not having her as a part of the show. I think DJ, Steph and Kimmy do a great job of carrying the show on their own. (I would be fine if Stamos/Saget/Coulier stayed away a little more too. Again, I just don’t think they’re needed as much as people think.)

For those of us who enjoyed Full House, it’s just fun. It’s sweet to see the old house and the characters. It’s familiar. And how many times did you want to peek into the future of a great show you loved and see what happened to everyone later in life? With Fuller House, we not only get to do that, but we get to see that everyone is still there, and still OK. (And amazingly in shape.)

In a silly way, it’s comforting. After all…when you’re lost out there, and you’re all alone…

Now for the bad news. Despite the claims made several times by Candace Cameron Bure that this would be a “family-friendly” show, for my family, it’s not. My son caught about 10 minutes of the show during the scene with the misunderstanding with the plumber. I turned it off just in time. I’ve seen people defend the show’s content, saying that Full House did the same thing, and that the adult jokes go over kids’ heads. I don’t know which references kids get or don’t get, but I’m not willing to watch this show with mine to figure it out. And that’s disappointing.

But I’ll still watch it on my own (and get giddy during the new theme song).

Fuller House is what you would expect. Cheese. So much cheese. 80s/90s references. Chock-full of old quotes from the original show. (“Have mercy.” “How rude.” And my favorite: “Oh Mylanta!”) So get used to that.

It’s everywhere you look.