Natural Grocers grand opening today

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My shopping buddy and I went on an adventure yesterday!

Sweet baby at Natural Grocers

It was the soft opening of Natural Grocers, Tyler’s newest health store, located in Bed Bath & Beyond’s old space at 4820 S. Broadway. (Grand opening is today!) If you’re into non-GMOs and organics, then this will be your new favorite place. Natural Grocers sticks to very high standards. Here’s an extensive list of what they don’t sell. (So you know that whatever item your kid is just DYING to have will still be relatively healthy.)

The Green Scene

The produce is right there when you first come in, so of course that’s where we stopped first. Everything looked extremely fresh and colorful, which is exactly what you want! Natural Grocers isn’t kidding when they promise low prices. The sales were comparable to even Wal-Mart pricing on non-organic produce. The selection was kind of small, but the basics were there and they even carry some fun, off-the-wall items like radicchio.

Produce options at Natural Grocers


Their selections for everything were pretty excellent. I was specifically impressed with the vitamins/supplements. I’ve been on the hunt for decent protein powders, and Drug Emporium’s selection is kind of slim. They even have all-natural makeup! I shudder every time I think about what’s in my lipstick, but they have a nice array of products, including Earth Mama Angel Baby balms. I didn’t snag a picture here, because the lighting was very dim in this section (which did give it a cool boutique feel).

If you’re gluten-free, this is a haven. For real. They even have gluten-free brownie mix! All GF options are labeled with a handy purple tag.

Gluten-free options at Natural Grocers

Bulking Up

Hands down though, my favorite part was the bulk food aisle. There were a few too many people in that aisle to snag a picture. (And I ran into the midwife who delivered our baby…where else would that happen?) But let me tell you. This was awesome. Natural Grocers doesn’t do bulk foods like others do, because of cross-contamination and general ickiness. They package bulk foods for you and sell them at bulk prices. Three pounds of almond flour was $19.99. That’s fantastic my friends. I snagged two pounds of organic quick oats for $1.89. Homemade oatmeal packs here we come! You could even buy 50 pounds of rolled oats. We don’t eat quite that much oatmeal, but wow! Their spices were great too, from looseleaf breakfast tea to dried marshmallow (…the herb, not the s’mores ingredient). Eighteen free-range, organic eggs were $4.79. That’s pricey compared to the most cost effective eggs at Wal-Mart but very comparable to Wal-Mart’s free-range, non-organic eggs.

A Sweet Ending

You know how when you’re trying to escape Brookshire’s or Wal-Mart, the checkout aisle is lined with Hershey Bars and M&Ms? Natural Grocers still has little goodies, but they’re healthy! I overheard a kid asking his mom, “Is this fruit or is this candy?” What gets better than that?

I also found flavored honey sticks, high end chocolate, pumpkin seeds, and natural chewing gum. I couldn’t resist two small pieces of dark chocolate (25 cents each). I would love to say that I waited a while and ate them delicately, but let’s be real. I’m a mom. I scarfed those delicious little guys down at the first red light.