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Brooke is mom to two super-cute girls, a former teacher, and pretty mediocre housekeeper.

Tyler Christmas Event Calendar

Hi friends! I've put together a calendar of all the fun things going on around Tyler this Christmas season! I hope it helps everyone...

Pumping at work: get the most out of it

I think we can all agree that pumping is the worst. If you’ve ever spent any length of time with those shields, you know...

The Reason I Put Dirt on My Face

I have TERRIBLE skin. You’d think I was 14. Unfortunately, all acne face washes dry me out too badly and make me flaky...

Equality in Modesty

“Men are physical creatures. Help them guard their eyes.” “Help protect your brothers in Christ.” “Modest is hottest!” I grew up in the middle of “purity culture.”...

Natural Grocers grand opening today

If you're into non-GMOs and organics, Natural Grocers will be your new favorite place in Tyler for health food and groceries.

Four Chapter Books I Will Read To My Children

I first heard C.S. Lewis’ quote about children’s stories in a rap song. (It sounds like I’m joking, but I’m 100 percent serious. Check...