Fathers say…

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I intended for this post to be a gift guide – think “50 gifts under $50” – but I remembered too late that I’m historically bad at Father’s Day gifts. Under-qualified (at best) for Father’s Day advice, I turned to the experts: fathers.

“Father’s Day is about the father,” said my husband when I asked him how men like to celebrate their big day. “Not about what the mom wants to give, not about the kids …”

What he means is, all he wants for Father’s Day is a day of “guilt-free golf.”

Survey says, he isn’t alone.

So, I bring you “The 15 Things Men Said They Want for Father’s Day:”

  • Rest
  • Sleeping in
  • Afternoon nap
  • Low-stress family fun
  • A day to do “manly things”
  • An activity, like going to a ballgame
  • Wife’s affirmation
  • Appreciation
  • Homemade gift from kids
  • Breakfast
  • Breakfast (this time with waffles)
  • Breakfast (this time with an omelet bar and waffle-press)*
  • Date
  • Date (dinner and a movie)!
  • Date (movie with Starburst jelly beans)*

(Note: This person* also said that he wants poolside dinner + drinks on his big day, at which point I quit listening.)

So, ladies, if you’re like me and don’t know what to give the father in your life this weekend, it sounds like a good bet is to let them rest, support their favorite pastime, and treat them to a date.

We also created this printable to do with your children to help spread some Father’s Day love!

P.S. What’s your favorite way to celebrate Father’s Day?